A tool is something used to help complete a task or purpose. To create better organization or increased productivity, you need access to three types of tools: Supplies, Skills, and Support.

Your significant other or a friend may help you with your organizing challenges, or encourage you to keep going when things are tough. You might enlist support from a therapist to work on some aspects of your emotional challenges that affect organizing. Or maybe one day you recruit support by gathering a team of people to help you tackle the basement. Professional organizers are often a great source of support.

The Minding Your Matters team.

Supplies can be as simple as gathering the right items before an organizing session: trash bags, boxes, etc. In some cases, you may need boxes or bins, shelving, labels, markers or gloves. If you’re working in your office, maybe those supplies are manila and hanging folders, paper trays and a filing cabinet that works.

As you organize, or work with a professional organizer, you may learn skills to help you move forward in your progress. Such skills might be executive functions such as making decisions about what to toss and what to keep. Maybe it’s thinking strategically about placing your things so that you can reach and access what you need or want when you need it.

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